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Everything we do at Jersey City Sweets is made fresh to order. We don't create anything that just sits in a case. We wait for your order before we crack a single egg or measure out any sugar.  

That means we're waiting for you!

Place an order, and we'll get to baking...

Use our Custom Cake Order Form to order a custom sweet delicacy from Jersey City Sweets!

Be sure to place your order in our Shop, or contact us to make other arrangements -- we're flexible.

Remember to place your order today in our Shop, or contact us to make other arrangements or requests!

Winner of three Blue Ribbons, two years running!
— Liberty Science Center Pi Day 2014, 2015

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Quality, from start to finish.

We carefully select every ingredient we put into our pies, cakes, and other items, and we never add anything that doesn't have to be there.

We care about everything we do, and that starts with our ingredients through to the final product, which we hope you'll love!

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